This section contains documents for when your participants are ready to:
  • Make a matched withdrawal
  • Graduate from the program
  • Access their savings in an emergency
  • Exit the program without graduating
To submit all completed forms:
  • Scan the forms
  • Rename the forms Participant LastName, Participant FirstName_Document Name_Date (example: Smith, John_WDR Staples_01.31.14)
  • Use the link on the right to upload them to CASA of Oregon or e-mail them to ida@casaoforegon.org
All VIDA Graduates will complete the Graduation Packet that contains a series of forms that need to be submitted in order for a participant to access matching funds and make purchases. Microenterprise VIDA Graduates will complete the Withdrawal Request Form if they already submitted Graduation Packets but have additional funds to spend. Submit this form for each subsequent withdrawal request. All Home Rehab/Repair VIDA Graduates will complete the Final Site Visit Form with the IDA Specialist and submitted to CASA upon the completion of project. Photos are highly encouraged to document the work and celebrate with the Saver. Participants Making an Unmatched Withdrawal will submit one of the two following packets:
  1. The Emergency Withdrawal Form can be submitted if a participant has been enrolled in the program for at least six months. An emergency withdrawal is only allowed for the following purposes:
    • Preventing the eviction of the Participant’s household
    • Preventing foreclosure on the household’s primary residence
    • Paying critical health care services
    • Paying critical living expenses (i.e. food supplies, heating expenses, etc.) following the household’s loss of employment
  2. The Early Exit Withdrawal is used when a participant is leaving the program prior to graduating (i.e. without receiving matching funds).

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