Jodi Martine

Persistence Pays Off
Jodi Martine is an HACC resident who lives in scattered site housing in Milwaukie and has supported herself and her five children working in the Calibration industry. In 2007 Jodi enrolled the IDA program and began making monthly deposits into her IDA matched savings account. For close to three years, every $1 that she saved into her IDA account was matched by $3. This February, Jodi reached her savings goal and enrolled in the American College of Healthcare Sciences to pursue her dream of working in the field of alternative medicine. Jodi plans to get her Associates of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine with a Herbal Medicine major. With the certification, Jodi plans on working either as an independent wellness coach or as part of a naturopathic clinic. This may be only the beginning of her academic career as she talks about one day becoming a licensed Naturopath. All IDA participants are required to complete a Financial Education course. With the knowledge she gained from the course and her own personal motivation, Jodi was able to pay down almost all of her debt. When asked what she learned about herself from participating in the IDA program, Jodi wrote: “Persistence pays off!” Once she completes her Alternative Medicine certification program, Jodi thinks her next goal will be homeownership. As each household is able to participate in two IDA savings goals, Jodi may be able to use this matching saving program in the future to buy a home of her own.

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