Deborah Williams

Hello. My name is Deborah A. Williams. I am a current member of the VIDA program and have just purchased my new home in Springfield as of 3/6/09. I have been diligently searching for my home for approximately eight months now. Wow, what a learning experience. All my patience and hard work of reaching my savings goal has helped me make my final purchase. I am a single mother of four children. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to buy my own home but have not had the financial means. As a single mother I worked steady and did odd jobs at times to get ahead. During that time I took classes at Lane Community College working towards my nursing degree. I obtained a spot in the nursing program at Lane in 2004 and graduated as a Registered Nurse in 2006. School took much of my time and money and a home purchase had to be put on hold until I graduated. After my nursing graduation I had heard of the NEDCO home program and applied to learn as to how to purchase a home. I learned a great amount of information on home purchase and had help getting my financial goals started and obtained. I then applied for the VIDA program and was accepted. How exciting it is to know there are programs out there that help first time home buyers get into their new home. The VIDA program has helped me obtain a regular monthly house savings budget and goal. I have now met my match goal and will soon obtain my VIDA match to help with my down payment. I have lived and paid rent at my current residence for twenty years and I am so excited to have purchased my own home and my payments will be applied to my own home ownership. Being able to purchase my own home is a huge and rewarding goal. My family is very excited. Thank you VIDA and NEDCO for making my home purchase a reality rather than just a dream!

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