Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a "scam" that will cost me money?
A: No. The match funds are provided by foundations and federal funds that are available to people who want to buy an asset!
Q: How does the match work?
A: The match rate is $3.00 dollars of program funds for every $1.00 dollar of personal savings.
Q: How much money can I deposit in my savings account?
A: You can deposit as much money as you want into your savings account, but there is limit to how much will be matched. You must complete a VIDA Application with an IDA Specialist to determine match amount.
Q: Do I have to deposit the same amount each month?
A: No, you are not required to deposit the same amount each month but you must not deposit less than what you indicated in the Savings Plan Agreement. Lump sum deposits that are more than what your household’s earned income will not be matched unless otherwise specified.

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