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VIDA helps individuals strengthen their financial well-being, households and communities through assets. VIDA supports individuals to build assets by

  • matching participant savings with $3 for every $1 saved
  • providing no-cost financial education and support specific to the asset goal, such as a home

Assets are resources with value that can be tangible, like a home, or intangible, like a college degree. Assets are the building blocks to financial stability.

As Oregon's largest individual development account collaborative, VIDA works with forty-two partner organizations that serve thirty-one counties. VIDA supports people working towards the following goals:

  • home buying
  • small business development
  • home repair or rehabilitation
  • employment related equipment or technology
  • post-secondary education/workforce training

Community and Shelter Corporation (CASA of Oregon) is the administrator and fiduciary organization behind the collaborative. As such, CASA of Oregon oversees daily program operations, coordinates fundraising and provides technical assistance to VIDA member organizations. To learn more about CASA of Oregon, please visit www.casaoforegon.org.

News and Publications

The new Freakanomics podcast by economists Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt explain a new financial product aimed at replacing what we all know doesn't help people save - the lottery. You are actually 6-45 times more likely to die from a lighting strike than win the lottery. So for the average lottery player you will not win the lottery. You will most likely spend your money on this chance to win big with nothing to show for it.

This is where the new financial product steps in. Participants actually create savings accounts where they deposit money and instead of earning a small interest (1%-2%) they earn the chance to win big - not as big as a lottery, but big none-the-less. So they don't loose their principal and they still retain the optimism and hope that a big deposit will show up next time they check their account. This money can then full-fill dreams of sending their children to college debt free or creating an endowment for the IDA program :) Currently this product is only available in Michigan, but we will see what happens here in Oregon!

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2010-12-01 18:03

Thanks to your valued commitment to CASA of Oregon, we’re able to continue our programs to help low-income neighbors here in our community, and fellow Oregonians throughout our state.

Your dedication is inspiring; especially in today’s challenging economy. That’s why we think you’ll be very interested in discovering a way to continue supporting our work, and be rewarded for it.

Here’s how:

CASA of Oregon is part of the Oregon IDA (Individual Development Accounts) Initiative, which helps low-income Oregonians rise up from financial hardship, get back into the economic mainstream, and join all of our efforts to rebuild our state’s economy.

From now until the end of the year, 75% of every dollar you give our friends and supporters at Neighborhood Partnerships, a 501c3 nonprofit, will come back to you as a credit that you can subtract from your state tax bill. The more you put in, the lower your bill.

What’s more, a significant share of the dollars you give will come back to us. So you’ll be helping CASA of Oregon even more than usual, and getting your IDA 75% Tax Credit, too!

Find out more by visiting Neighborhood Partnerships

2010-11-08 12:58

CASA of Oregon Spearheads IDA Partnership with Organizations Working with People with Disabilities

In 2007, CASA of Oregon began what is now a successful model for disability organizations offering IDA accounts. In partnership with Juntos Podemos (“Together We Can”), a community based organization working with youth with disabilities, CASA established the groundwork for offering asset building, financial education, and counseling to a population that had not traditionally been part of asset development: individuals with developmental disabilities.

2010-03-24 09:17

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